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kimchi cucumber with sesame 3.50 vg

shiso pickled pear with dried seaweed 3.65 vg

herb salad with marinated tofu, seasonal herbs, crispy kale and dried figs 4.65 vg

mussels on leek with yuzu beurre blanc 5.85

grilled edamame with bulldog sauce 3.85 vg

lamb brioche with ginger and shiitake one 4.85 two 9.50

 boneless chicken wings with sweet kimchi 5.85

yakitori selection - onion, mushroom and chicken 7

aubergine with miso and hazelnuts 5.25 vg

buri daikon with kombu dashi 3.60 v

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(recommended for 2 at 26.25 per person)



oyster dressed with kumquat and yuzu 3.25

oyster hot dog with yuzu kusho mayo 4.80

ninja rice with seasoned sea trout 3

baked miso with root vegetable 3.75

kinoko katsu sandwich with manhattan sauce 5.75 v

crispy seaweed with black sesame 2.50 vg


sweet pickled spring onion with celery salt 1.50 vg

pickled shiitake mushroom with balsamic vinegar 1.50 vg

smoked chicken with spring onion and sesame 2

squid and smoked bacon 2.50

smoked eel with unagi sauce 3.50

lamb neck with spicy miso 2.50


chocolate kimmidoll 5.50 - pair it with the aztec cocktail 13.50

mochi with lychee and rose 4.50

chocolate in sweet tempura 4.50

marshmallow with yuzu 4.50


vg: vegan v: vegetarian

we can cater for all dietary requirements,

please advise on booking.


white clay, chalk, enoki vodka
dark oak, pine, beeswax, benzoin, black pepper vodka infusions
soft chalk, soy milk, Angelica root vodka, poppy seeds, rye
dark caramel, buckwheat, cocoa nib tequila
raspberry, robust italian bitters, citrus
rhubarb, rose vodka, silver tea, champagne
cocoa nib vodka, pure tea, lemon, egg white
rose vodka, agave spirit, grapefruit
sake, jasmin vodka, mineral water
mimosa vodka, hay vodka, orange tincture, ambrette vodka, champagne
angelica infused gin, lemon juice, almond, soda
gin, fig leaf syrup, lemon juice, soda

classic cocktails also available along with a selection of spirits, natural wines, beer and cider. we offer a selection of non alcoholic drinks that change with the season, teas and coffee.