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mushroom dashi with tofu, seaweed, and cep oil 3.40 vg, gf

pickled okra skewers with long pepper and bulldog sauce 4.50 vg, gf

roasted and pickled beetroot with star anise, soy milk and vanilla gel, liquorice 4.25 vg, gf

grilled miso aubergine with vegan honey miso dressing 5.95 vg, gf

dirty rice bowl with shiso, caramelized onions, aubergine, and vegan mayo 5.50 vg, gf

seaweed and grapes salad with dulse seaweed, grapes, and miso dressing 4.70 vg, gf

grilled and fried

sea trout tataki with ponzu, seaweed and sesame 8.50 gf

octopus skewers with peach and lemon zest 6.95 gf

karaage, crispy chicken drumsticks with yuzu kosho mayo 9.00 gf

beef kushiaki, bavette steak skewers with light teriyaki sauce 7.25 gf

yakiton, spicy pork belly skewers 7.25 gf

potato croquettes with gochujang mayo 3.95 v

sandwiches and sides

kinoko katsu mushroom sandwich with bulldog sauce 5.65 v

kimchi cucumber with sesame 3.65 v

quail’s eggs with soy and maldon salt 3.95 gf

padron peppers with mirin and balsamic reduction 4.50 vg, gf

sweet potato croquettes with spring onion mayo 4.25 v

crispy seaweed with maldon salt 2.5 vg, gf


chocolate in sweet tempura 5.70 v

affogato with cinnamon rice ice cream 3.50 v, gf

matcha mousse with roasted chocolate crumbs 4.25 v, gf


vg: vegan v: vegetarian gf: gluten free

we can cater for all dietary requirements,

please advise on booking.


white clay, chalk, enoki vodka
gin, vanilla, lemon honey, soda
cuir de russie
leather, patchouli, tonka, champagne
light rhum, violet, orris, lemon, tonic water

rose vodka, mezcal, grapefruit
sake, jasmin vodka, mineral water
momo slushy
bourbon, peach, jasmine kombucha

rhubarb, rose vodka, silver tea, champagne
cedar wood infused whisky, benzoin, vanilla, lemon, soda
gin, shiso leaf, rice vinegar, absinthe, soda

classic cocktails are also available along with a selection of spirits, natural wines, beer and cider. we offer a selection of non alcoholic drinks that change with the season, teas and coffee.