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from untitled regulars to moon garden designers, we spoke to jasmin and tom from soho&co about the fabulous work they did with the moon garden, their inspiration, their ethos and what it is they wanted to achieve.

“when we first saw the original garden with a dark canopy attached to the rear of the building, it immediately made us think of japanese temple gardens, where the visitor is directed into beautiful and exotic rock gardens, designed to capture light and abstraction.”

inspired by traditional japanese gardens, the idea behind the design of our asahi super dry moon garden is to offer a sanctuary of calm amongst the hustle and bustle of dalston. a place to relax and socialise, where one can find inspiration and peace while sipping on a cocktail.

jasmin and tom’s ethos and what they were aiming to achieve with the design met exactly our expectations; “it is important that the design creates a delightful and unexpected space within a familiar london setting. there is a flexibility and economy with how we can meet the garden’s needs without letting the design become normative or conventional.” says jasmin. “to place people in a magical spatial experience that seems simultaneously from somewhere far away and also entirely logical within a normal London context. to design a garden that is as important at night as it is during the day.”

serving classics with a twist like the mimosa (mimosa vodka, hay vodka, orange tincture, ambrette vodka and champagne) alongside more deliciousness, the asahi super dry moon garden is the perfect escape if you are looking for something different.

offering fresh and seasonal products, we wanted our ethos to live beyond the design and take them to both the bar and the kitchen and have therefore created our menu accordingly.  

“what is your favourite thing about untitled?” we asked.

“london restaurants and bars often suffer from an over-indulgence of styling but little understanding of design. from the first moment we discovered untitled, it had an obvious single-minded vision of joy. It combines a serious sophistication and a delight in experimentation, with a lightness of touch which is rare to find outside japan.”

the moon garden is open tuesday to sunday from 6pm. bring your sunnies and join us throughout the summer. Info and details here

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